Michigan Chevrolet Dealers Hear Automaker Delivers on Donations for Habitat for Humanity

December 27th, 2012

Michigan Chevrolet Dealers See Chevrolet Give to Community by Donating to Habitat for Humanity. Photo by GM Media.

DETROIT – Michigan Chevrolet dealers are proud to see the ways that Chevrolet gives back to the community, especially when a community is in need. In the middle of December, Chevrolet donated 25 Express Vans to Habitat for Humanity. The fleet of vans was sent to New York and New Jersey to help with the Hurricane Sandy recovery process.

At the same time, two other companies—Lowe’s and the Robert Bosch Tool Co.—donated tools to help the different communities recover from Hurricane Sandy.

“As the initial reports of Sandy’s devastation recede from the headlines, now the hard work of recovery begins to help affected communities and people get back on their feet,” said GM Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson. “The Chevy Express vans are just the right vehicles to carry the people and tools to get the job done.”

This recent donation of two dozen vans from Chevrolet was not the first way that General Motors and its many brands gave back to those in need. On October 30, GM had announced the donation of 30 Express cargo vans, five Express passenger vans, five Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid SUVs and 10 Chevrolet Traverse crossovers, all of which were delivered to the American Red Cross to help in the relief efforts.

At this point, Michigan Chevrolet dealers and others have seen Chevrolet, General Motors and the GM Foundation give more than $2.8 million into helping the communities and families that have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Automakers such as Chevrolet may continue to help as often as they can to ensure the community is getting the help it needs.

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