MI Dealers Get Rated by Consumer Reports: Who Came Out on Top and Who Dropped Back?

November 8th, 2012

Toyota Names Most Reliable for Three Spots. Photo by Freep.

DETROIT – MI dealers may have heard the recent results of their automakers and others. Some of the Michigan automakers saw some increases and some saw some decreases in rankings.

It seems that Consumer Reports recognizes that automakers have made a big leap in building sturdier engines, but seem to be lacking in positive feedback for electronic equipment as many automakers had a problem with at least on component. Ford Motor Corp was one of the automakers that had this issue, which seems to have been a factor in the almost bottom-of-the-list ranking for Ford.

Of the different automaker, Ford saw the biggest dip as they were officially ranked 27 out of 28. A couple of years ago it seemed Ford was being thought of as one of the most reliable brands, but has since dropped to the bottom. The problems may lie with new versions of the Explorer, Fiesta and Focus and the many issues with the MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch infotainment system.

Consumer Reports Predicted Reliability by Brand 2013

Although Ford says they did some improving, it seemed to not be enough:

“We offered a major improvement to MyFord Touch in the spring and began offering new transmission calibrations this summer. Unfortunately, there are still some bugs in the system that we are working through,” said Ford spokesperson Mark Schirmer.

General Motors has a good turnout as its other brands; Buick, Chevrolet and GMC; moved higher on the list of reliability. The Chevrolet Volt is still rated above-average in reliability while the Chevrolet Cruze jumped higher to improve to an average reliability.

Of the different automakers, Toyota took the top three spots, ranked the highest in reliability. Scion took the most-reliable for the second year, Toyota ranked second, and Lexus third. Consumer Reports ranked more than 90 percent of Toyota brands average or better.

MI dealers may know where their automakers stand at this point, but every year it can change. Who will top next year’s rankings?

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