Michigan Chevrolet Dealers Offer Energy Efficient Models like the Volt; What Can it Tell You?

October 9th, 2012
Michigan Chevrolet Dealers offer new OnStar EcoHub App. Photo by GM Media.

Michigan Chevrolet Dealers offer new OnStar EcoHub App. Photo by GM Media.

DETROIT – Michigan Chevrolet dealers may have enjoyed offering the many benefits available for drivers in the Chevy Volt, and now they get to add even more to the technology list. The Chevrolet Volt debuted as a concept car in 2007, and with the addition of the 2013 Volt coming soon, there is even more to enjoy, including the well-known high miles per gallon.

Shoppers enjoy the fact that the Volt is a plug-in hybrid vehicle that delivers on a higher efficiency so much so that the Volt has been named the most fuel-efficient compact car with a gas engine that is sold in the U.S. according to ratings from the EPA. The 2013 Chevy Colt can travel on average 38 miles on one single charge before needing to use the gas-powered electric generator.

As technology is one feature that may soon come stocked in the efficient Chevrolet Volt, more technology can only enhance the already great experience that drivers are buzzing about. Michigan Chevrolet dealers may have heard about the newest app that has been added to the new Volt through the use of OnStar. The new app is called EcoHub, and it will tell Chevy Volt how much it costs to charge the battery along with other energy usage data.

“We’ve found that Volt owners love to keep track of and compare their personal driving stats, like electric miles driven for example,” said Cristi Landy, Chevrolet Volt marketing director. “The EcoHub app is another great example of using the vehicle’s embedded technology to provide Volt owners with useful information.”

For now, the app is going to be tested during the Pecan Street demonstration project, which is an efficient grid in Austin, Texas. Being able to see how much energy is being used over a daily, monthly or yearly basis can show owners more about their own driving habits on a regular basis.

Michigan Chevrolet dealers may need to learn 100 percent about the new EcoHub technology once the technology is tested and maybe officially approved.

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