Michigan Chevrolet Dealers May Fill with Nostalgia as 2014 Chevy Impala Lets Go of Iconic Bench Seat

October 3rd, 2012

Michigan Chevrolet dealers know the 2014 Chevy Impala will be the first Impala with bench seats. Photo by autoblog..

DETROIT – Michigan Chevrolet dealers have been selling Chevrolet Impalas for decades. The Impalas bring a different idea of comfort and style and have become known for their bench seats. Having three available seats close together makes it easier for some to not only sit comfortably but to sit more in the front than other cars with bucket seats.

What change is coming? Bench seats are moving out of style come the 2014 Chevrolet Impala. This may make some unhappy as the bench seats are a nostalgic icon for many. Right now, the Impala is the last passenger model that is in production in North America that offers the bucket seats in the front.

Although some may miss the bucket seats, the numbers show that not many will actually miss the seats. Last year only one in 10 new owners chose the bucket seat versus bench seat option.

“A lot of people prefer bucket seats because they’re sporty, even in models that aren’t sports cars,” said Clay Dean, GM director of design. “Our customers also appreciate having the center console as a convenient place to store their phone and other personal items.”

Michigan Chevrolet dealers may know that they only have one model year left to offer of the Impala with a bench seat, but since the first Series C Classic Six was offered in 1911, shoppers were able to enjoy the extra space in the front. The change of design won’t be too much of a loss for customers with the many other choices in space that are found in SUVs and crossovers, but there will always be a little bit of nostalgia.

“There is certain nostalgia for bench seats, like being able to snuggle up with your date at a drive-in movie, and some customers still like them,” Dean said. “You never know, we might see bench seats re-emerge someday, possibly in very small cars like the EN-V urban mobility concept vehicle, in which the feeling of open space may be very desirable.”

The many dealers across the U.S., which of course includes the Michigan Chevrolet dealers, will say goodbye soon enough once the 2013 model is out and the 2014 model replaces it.

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