Michigan Chrysler Dealers See New Worker Schedules; General Motors Sees Schedules Differently

July 10th, 2012
Kokomo factory (pictured) is experiencing new work schedules.

Michigan Chrysler dealers may learn that factories in Kokomo have new work schedules. Photo by Indiana Public Media News.

DETROIT – Although dealers may not work directly with factories, Michigan Chrysler dealers may hear when big shifts happen at different facilities. As Chrysler is working to build up and increase input, the automaker has decided to change the number of hours and shifts at some of their plants in Kokomo.

The basics of the shifts include four 10-hour days, which translates to an extra 49 days off a year for the workers. It may not be the easiest plant to have low-cost, ramped-up production, but this plan may work out for Chrysler. Basically there are two ways to increase output either build and equip more factories or use existing operation to put out more vehicles.

This is how the new schedule works:

  • Three crews work two shifts a day, which equals 120 hours a week
  • Crew A: 10-hour days, Monday through Thursday
  • Crew B: 10-hour evenings, Wednesday through Saturday
  • Crew C: Swing shift, days Friday and Saturday, evenings Monday and Tuesday

Jodi Tinson, a Chrysler spokeswoman, says this new way is better for the automaker, because the factory is open 49 more days a year without having to pay overtime.

General Motors on the other hand does it differently with three eight-hour shifts Monday through Friday. Chrysler does its repairs and maintenance during the three hour breaks in the middle of every day, but GM feels that the weekends are more suitable for those operations and takes Saturday and Sunday to complete any upkeep necessary.

Although some GM plants use the three schedules, there are some factories that only work two shifts as they schedule their shifts based on demand.

Michigan Chrysler dealers and others may not have a specific answer as to which is better than another, as it seems to be a case-by-case depending on the location, the model, the parts, the demand.

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