Michigan Buick Dealers Shined the Brightest of the GM Brands; How About the Other Detroit Three Members?

July 5th, 2012
The Detroit Three bring in high numbers.

Michigan Buick Dealers Bring in High Numbers. Photo by Detroit Free Press.

DETROIT – June was a good month for each of the Detroit Three members, as Michigan Buick dealers may have celebrated being the highest within the General Motors brand labels. It seems the strongest of the month of June was during the last seven to 10 days as most automakers offered special pricing and incentives for the July 4th holiday.

The final numbers for the Detroit Three included the following:

  • Chrysler in first place with a 20.3 percent increase
  • General Motors in second with a 15.5 percent increase
  • Ford in third with a 7.1 percent increase

Although General Motors increased second within the Detroit Three, the automaker sold the highest amount of vehicles for the month, ending at 248,750 vehicles. On the other hand, Chrysler who jumped the highest in June sold the lowest amount at 144,811 vehicles. Ford was between the two with 207,204 vehicles sold in June.

Of the fours brands of General Motors, Michigan Buick dealers saw the highest increase for June, sitting at a 28.8 percent increase. With plenty of increases for General Motors, the company has a positive outlook for the second half of the year.

“We’ve got just some tremendous opportunity in the back half of the year,” said Kurt McNeil, GM’s U.S. vice president of sales operations. “We feel good about where we are and feel even more excited about what’s to come.”

Along with the higher sales numbers for General Motors, including still being the number one automaker in sales, it looks as though the market share for May will be the highest of any month. With new cars and trucks being introduced in the second part of the year, GM is looking forward to the final numbers in December.

Japanese automakers also enjoyed an increased June:

  • Toyota increased 60.3 percent
  • Honda increased 48.8 percent
  • Nissan increased 28.2 percent

June was an all-around positive month for most, especially Michigan Buick dealers with their high increases for GM, and the year may continue to follow the same trend as it has already for six months.

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