Whether an MI Dealer or Consumer, Read on for More Information on Natural Gas Options for Vehicles

June 22nd, 2012
Whether an MI dealer or consumer, knowing the natural gas options is a good place to start.

MI Dealer or Consumer, learn about natural gas. Photo by Pike Research.

DETROIT – Not every MI dealer is in the loop about the different options available to consumers, just as much as consumers aren’t aware. Efficiency has been on the minds of the major manufacturers, and it seems the industry as a whole is moving in the right direction. From hybrid models to electric vehicles, other directions that have been seen but not truly followed of yet includes new kinds of fuel such as natural gas.

Just as most options, natural gas has its positives and negatives, and whether an MI dealer or a consumer, there is still much to learn and understand about natural gas. Currently, consumers use 70 percent of oil just going from place to place, and at the same time, putting more than 30 percent of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere at the same time.

Some positives are that natural gas is a lot cheaper than oil is right now and the emissions from natural gas are much cleaner than those of gasoline or diesel.

“This abundance of natural gas is something we weren’t expecting as a country, but it’s here now, and it’s a gift we should take advantage of,” says Steven Mueller, chief executive of Houston-based natural-gas producer Southwestern Energy Co. “There’s huge savings here and a way to help to environment.”

There are some, such as the commercial-truck market already using natural gas vehicles to save on fuel costs; but at the same time, there are negatives that outweigh the positives for some such as:

  • natural gas vehicles are more expensive upfront by  thousands of dollars (at this point)
  • not many public refueling stations

Those may be the biggest negatives for an MI dealer or consumer, but they are solvable in the future. The same was said about hybrids and electric vehicles, and they are flourishing in their own space and time. Only time will be the deciding factor.

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