Michigan Chevrolet Dealers Deliver the Volt and the EPA Delivers the New Mileage Champ

June 13th, 2012
The EPA has named an Electric Mileage Champ, all four models pictured above.

Michigan Chevrolet dealers offer the Volt, and the EPA has named an Electric Mileage Champ.

DETROIT – With the many electric vehicles being added to the industry, there has been competition for Michigan Chevrolet dealers who offer the Chevy Volt to their customers. New vehicles have been joining the industry for years, and often it may be confusing to consumers which actually holds a better charge or may be a better choice. The newest report from the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has now labeled the who’s who of mileage champions.Although the Volt is labeled as an electric, it is not 100 percent electric. Does this make it less of a viable option? Not at all. The Chevrolet Volt offers plenty of characteristics and options offered by Michigan Chevrolet dealers that owners will enjoy like:

  • Electric: 95 MPGe City, 93 MPGe Highway
  • Gas: 35 MPG City, 40 MPG Highway
  • OnStar: Automatic Crash Response, Stolen Vehicle Assistance, Hands-Free Calling
  • Rear Parking Assist
  • Remote Vehicle Start

Aside from the Chevy Volt, there are four big contenders in the U.S. market for electric models. With the many conversations surrounding electric vehicles, the EPA completed a study to see what order the four contenders fall into. Here are the final outcomes:

  • 1st: Honda Fit Electric with 82-mile-per charge
  • 2nd: Ford Focus Electric with 76-mile-per charge
  • 3rd: Nissan Leaf with 73-mile-per charge
  • 4th: Mitsubishi’s i-MiEV with 62-mile-per charge

Sure it may be true that the Honda Fit Electric had a longer mile-per-charge, there is something else unique about the vehicle: the engine features one of the smallest battery packs in the industry. It’s about 15 percent smaller than the battery in the Leaf or the Focus, which means lower cost and a faster charging time.

With so many options, there’s no wonder why Michigan Chevrolet dealers continue to offer their efficient models even while new ones come out. It’s important for consumers to have a selection, and as the industry gets bigger, so will the number of electric models.

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