Woodward Dream Cruise Drivers: This 9-Year-Old’s ‘58 MG Will Make You Have Second Thoughts about Buying that Pony

August 18th, 2011

Kym Brady, a 9-year-old owner of a 1950s classic. Photo by the Detroit Free Press

DETROIT, M.I. – The Woodward Dream Cruise is very much a family affair, but most children sit in the backseat of their mom or dad’s car hoping one day to own one just like it. Well, for Kym Brady, age 9, it’s not her parents car she’s cruising in, it’s her own.

A recent article in the Detroit Free Press caught our attention and made us shed a few tears when we read about this father-daughter relationship and the passing down of a 1958 MG Roadster that has been in the family for 23 years.

MI Auto Times would like our readers to know that though the article names the car to be a 1958 MG Roadster, our own investigation and comments on the story find the vehicle looking less like a ’58 MG Roadster and more like an MG-TD. One comment even called the vehicle out as a VW Kit car due to the positioning of the windshield wipers.

Either way, this story still warms our heart.

Kym is not just an owner by way of her father’s promise. Her name is on the registration.

“He wanted me to have something to remember him by when he passes and just have a fun in the car and just have something to be proud of,” Kym told the Detroit Free Press.

Kim Brady, 50, Kym’s father also added a new sound system and wanted his daughter to own something that helps bring the community together. “This car seems to bring everyone around, and it gives her the feeling there is still some good in Detroit,” Kim said in the Detroit Free Press article. “Detroit and the community can still come together no matter what you know, and she’s getting that pride, she’s getting that from this car.”

Kym has already begun to customize her vehicle with hood designs and her signature on the back of the car.

Perhaps the most Hallmark moment of the entire story was when the reporter asked Kym what she wanted to do when she was finally old enough to drive. Kym said, she’d “take it to the beach and drive it with my daddy.”

If daughters still want to hang out with their fathers and be seen in public with them by the time they’re teenagers, MI Auto Times believes when little girls ask their dads for a pony, he’ll pass her the keys instead.

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