Car Recalls Recap: Which Automaker is Recalling What Nowadays?

March 9th, 2011

Car Recalls are affecting many different automakers simultaneously.

DETROIT, M.I. – Car recalls never seem to slow down even as the year continues. Toyota has already seen another large recall with 2.17 million in February while other automakers like Mazda recently recalled vehicles for spiderweb problems. After doing research, MI Auto Times editors found many recalls occurring now simultaneously, and the following includes the various details of which automakers are recalling which vehicles.

Ford ——————————

Ford has had a couple car recalls for Ford F150 MI trucks this year already. It seems there are more issues with the current model year F150 along with six other 2011 models. They include the Ford Edge, Ford F250, F350, F450, F550 and Lincoln MKX.

Ford F150 MI trucks recalled; Need another inspection.

All of these vehicles receive inspection of their body control module serial number. This module’s serial number is either determined to be “not affected,” meaning there is no problem; or there is an issue, and the module is then replaced. Software was custom made to

inspect these serial numbers, but unfortunately was not reading the correct characters. Reading the wrong characters resulted in the software not being able to identify which body control module needed replacement due to the possibility of a short. If an electrical short occurs, overheating can cause a vehicle fire.

MI Ford dealers will inspect the body control module and replace it if needed. The recall is expected to begin tomorrow.

[Recent Ford Recall: Ford F150 MI Owners Worry Driver Side Airbags May Deploy Without Warning; Recall Announced]

Chrysler ————————

The Detroit automaker Chrysler has two different car recalls currently:

  • 248,437 Chrysler Town and Country 2010, Dodge Grand Caravan 2010, Dodge Journey AWD 2010
  • 20,459 Jeep Wrangler 2010-2011

Michigan Chrysler dealer get ready for Chrysler Town and Country recall

The first recall is due to possible sudden loss of engine power. At this point two different rear-end collisions have been reported. What may be occurring is the ignition key is shifting away from the ‘on’ position while the car is in motion. The affected WIN modules that may be causing this issue will be replaced by dealers free of charge with the safety recall beginning in April 2011.

The second recall includes the ability of hardware connector parts to deteriorate. Different front and rear axle joined parts that are experiencing this deterioration can cause the driver to lose steering and vehicle maneuvering. The loss of control can lead to a crash. Owners may bring in their vehicles and have the 19 affected hardware connectors re-fastened. Owners will be made known of this recall beginning this month and notified about bringing their vehicles to Michigan Chrysler dealers.

[Recent Chrysler-Dodge recall: Dodge Ram MI Automaker Chrysler Recalling 144,000 Vehicles in Three Separate Recalls]

Toyota ————————–

Car recalls seem to be semi-continuous with Toyota Motor Corp and another recall has been announced. Toyota is recalling 22,000 vehicles for tire pressure monitoring systems being incorrectly calibrated.

Toyota Tundra MI vehicles have been recalled for tire pressure systems.

Under federal regulations, the tire pressure monitors within any vehicle must warn a driver no more than 20 minutes after the tire pressure has dropped below 25 percent of the recommended pressure. Toyota had approved special accessory wheels to be installed on some vehicles before being released to the public, but the tire pressure monitoring systems were not recalibrated to match the new tires.

The vehicles affected include model years 2008-2011 Toyota FJ Cruiser, Land Cruiser, Sequoia, Tacoma and Tundra.

Toyota dealers will recalibrate the tire pressure monitoring system free of charge to comply with regulations. There is no schedule for announcement by Toyota, but owners are welcome to visit a dealership at any time if they think there Toyota Tundra MI vehicle may be affected.

[Recent Toyota Recall: Car Recalls Update: Toyota Conducting One Final Recall for Possible Gas Pedal Flawed Vehicles]

Honda —————————

Honda Civic Hybrid vehicles are recalled for voltage shortages.

Honda is recalling one of the first hybrid car recalls this year, another being for the Lexus HS 250h. The hybrid vehicle that may be having an issue is the Honda Civic hybrid for 2006-2007 model years. About 36,650 vehicles are being recalled for possible failure of the voltage converter. The converter sends power from the motor assist system to the electrical components; so if it fails, headlights will turn off, the engine may stall and it could cause the engine to not be able to restart. All of these issues could ultimately cause a crash.

Dealers are standing by to replace the voltage converter at no charge to the owner as the recall is expected to officially begin in a couple weeks.

[Recent Honda Recall: Car Recalls Update: Honda Recalls 700,000 Worldwide; 122,000 in North America]

Owners of any of these vehicles included in these car recalls for these automakers may contact the National Highway Traffics Safety Administration with any questions: 888-327-4236.

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